The Bachelor Program in Accounting between BIT and University of Reading
Date: 2016-12-28 字体:

Since 2013 Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and University of Reading (UoR) have jointly provided the Bachelor Program in "accounting" approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education with the MOE reference No. of MOE11UK2A20131372N.

The students in this program are enrolled within the BIT annual enrollment plan, registered as both BIT and UoR students under the administration of both universities. The program lasts for 4 years, and excellent students could apply for the fourth year studying in UoR.

The program is jointly organized by the School of International Education and the School of Management and Economy, and the School of International Education takes charge of education management and operation. The core courses adopts English textbooks and are taught in English with course contents in line with international accounting standards and international conventions. This has laid solid foundation for students to acquire International Certified Public Accountant(ACCA/ACA). Students will be conferred with the Graduation Certificate from BIT and the Bachelor Diploma from both universities. Students could apply to transfer to UoR for the higher degree if their academic performance is qualified; BIT would also provide the opportunity for the Master program admission without examination.

Henley Business School in UoR is the business school of the longest history in the UK, and is one of the 57 business schools accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Its accounting and finance program ranks the 1st in the UK according to British University Subject Ranking of The Guardian.