The Master Program in Professional Technology Education
Date: 2016-10-13 字体:

Since 2002, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and Technical University of Dresden in Germany (TUD) have jointly provided the Master Program in "Professional Education and Human Resource Development" and this program has been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The program is approved to enroll 60 students every year. The students will register as TUD students and also register on Chinese MOE website.

The School of International Education takes charge of the education administration of this program. Professors from BIT and TUD jointly carry out teaching according to education syllabus, curriculum and learning rule for developing international inter-disciplinary talents. The students will receive the Master diploma in "Professional Education and Human Resource Development" from TUD when passing all the course examinations and thesis defense, and the  Certificate of Authenticity of Foreign Diploma from MOE Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.

There are 111 students currently in the program and 152 students have been graduated successfully. The program has received wide recognition and favourable comments from the students, and it has very good future and potential for development.