The Graduation Ceremony of the 8th Batch and the Commencement of the 10th Batch of the EMBA Program in Compliance and Corporate Governance held in the School of International Education
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In the afternoon of September 2, 2016, the Graduation Ceremony of the 8th Batch and the Commencement of the 10th Batch of the EMBA Program in Compliance and Corporate Governance joint provided by BIT and HTWG Constance University were held in the Auditorium on the third floor of BIT International Education Exchange Building. The guests participating in the ceremony are Prof. Long Teng, Assistant President of BIT, Mr. Karl Deppen, CFO of Daimler Greater China Ltd, Ms. Man Jing, HR Manager of Daimler Greater China Ltd, Mr. Roland Luxemburger, Director of Continuing Education of HTWG Constance University, Dr. Josef Wieland, Prof. Xing Qingqing, Deputy Director of Office of International Affairs, Prof. Mei Wenbo, Dean of School of International Education, and Prof. Jiang Zhixiang, Vice Dean of School of International Education. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Mei Wenbo.

Prof. Long Teng made a speech brimming with warm feeling, and he expressed sincere welcome and appreciation to the guests from Daimler and HTWG Constance University. He said that the students in this program were from the core administration and they had played an important impact on the corporate development in China. Meanwhile, this cooperation also improved the internationalization of BIT. The program is a result of support from all sides and diligent work from every professor and staff member. He also encouraged the new students and graduates to-be to embrace more challenge with confidence and ease, to pursue advancement and apply what they have learned to work with determination.

Mr. Karl Deppen also made a speech. He said that the graduates completed their study on this day but turned on the new phase of their career and life. He encouraged everyone to open their mind, and thought study is not only a task but also an interest. He hoped the new students to cherish time and study diligently for further contribution to the company and teams, and he also wished that the graduates do not stop learning, apply what they have learned to work with determination and create self-value in their future career.

Ms. Man Jing said that the HR Department of Daimler would select excellent staff every year to attend the EMBA program in “Compliance and Corporate Governance”. She felt happy witnessing staff development through this program. It is Daimler’s commitment to develop talents and embrace new challenges following the changes of time and market. She hoped that the new students could made some accomplishment in learning with the support from the abundant education resources and the company.

Prof. Josef Wieland welcomed the new students and also expressed his reluctance to part with the graduates. He thought that learning is the meaning of life, not only to students, but also to teachers. He asked the students to apply what they have learned to work and encouraged everyone to cherish time for self-study and self-development.

Prof. Josef Wieland and Prof. Roland Luxemburger conferred the diploma to the graduates in the 8th batch and sent their best wishes.

Zheng Yi, student representative of the 8th batch and Leng Yan, student representative of the 10th batch gave a speech respectively.

The ceremony is solemn and warm, and all the officials, guests, graduates took a group photo after the ceremony.